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HC Labs is changing the way organizations manage – from management as usual to human-centric leadership.


Traditional top down organizations produce unproductive management overhead and suppress employee engagement.

We enable individual’s ownership and improvement of their work to the benefit of organization and themselves.

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Do you want to change the way people are managed? Are you ready break out of traditional thinking? First, be part of our June 30, 2020 event. Then sign up here to apply to speak at our October 29, 2020 HCO DisruptHR event..

Our events rely on our sponsors to keep our events pricing affordable and our food and drinks delicious. Click here to be a sponsor of our next event.

Click here to discover the DISRUPT HR movement and latest events from around the world.

Next Event
June 30, 2020, San Carlos

Be Your Own Manager

FrameWork, by Collabworks, is the management framework for enterprises, departments and individuals. See how it help you here.