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Who is Disrupt.Work?

Disrupt.Work represents a thought leadership community who share passion, innovation, use-cases, and co-authors content regarding future of work. We see the nature of work less bound by structure and rules and more driven by self-managed individuals and teams. This new world is more transparent, driven by purpose and customer service. Our passion – giving voice to innovation.


Who is CollabWorks?

CollabWorks is a research and technology company that provides research, software,  and services designed for individuals and organizations to continuously improve the value of their work. Its purpose is to foster cultures where individuals and organizations thrive to their mutual benefit. We are leading scalable self-management research initiatives that demonstrate the increase performance of what call a human-centric organization or HCOs. These organizations out perform traditional top down managed organizations by allowing a dedicated investment of time by individuals to improve their work and use of talent. This outcome demonstrates how stakeholder investment benefits shareholders.

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