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Disrupt HR April 2017

April 27, 2017, hosted by Collabworks, at Domenico's Winery in San Carlos, CA


It was a night of short, focused talks from professional who want to share their ideas on how we can move our talent thinking forward. 14 Speakers, 5 minutes each to learn something quickly while sipping a glass of wine and interacting with peers.

Susan Berstein

Get Angry at Work, For a Change

Ganesh Iyer

AI Engine that can Taps the Subconscious

Victor Assad

Break the Boxes. Bridge the Pieces!

Aarti Borkar

How Cognitive Solutions Transform Human Resources

Diana Acosta

Inside the Meatball: Ingredients for Healthy Intrapreneurism

Mike Zawitkowski

Predictive Analytics, Streams, and Engagement

Mark Swartz

Human Vs A.I. Resourcing - A Vision of Our Reality

Shannon Lucas

Purpose for the People

Roy Altman

Creating Organizations that Don’t Steal Your Soul

Albert Yanez Sr

You Don't Need More Time, You Need to do What Matters

Scott Hamilton

A New Strategy That Gets People High

Robert Brown

Hominus ex Machina: The Future Shape of Your Work

Marti Grimminck

Co-designing the Future of Work with Millennials / GenZs

Christopher Kurtz

Harness the Power of Tech and Human Diversity

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