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Disrupt HR Bay Area

October 17, 2017, hosted by Collabworks, at The Computer History Museum
in Mountain View, CA


It was a night of short, focused talks from professionals who want to share their ideas on how we can move our talent thinking forward. 12 Speakers, 5 minutes each to learn something quickly while sipping a glass of wine and interacting with peers.

Clio Knowles

Alumni, Boomerangs, and Culture, (Why They Matter)?

Derek Sidebottom

The Workforce is Melting - How will HR manage the liquid gig economy of tomorrow?

Leann Pereira

Sweet Little Lies; The controversy of telling women the truth about gender bias in leadership

Mark Stoner

Employer-Assisted Housing, A Solution to Housing Affordability

Nancy Hauge

Reimagining HR in the Bot Economy

Michael Grove

Why Mary left and Joe followed; the new “experience” employees want

Kiran Gaind

Is Your Workplace Psycologically Safe?

Joseph Quan

Why HR is going to start feeling a lot like Facebook

Mitch Zenger

HR Should Stop Running a Babysitting Service

Danny Speros

Culture Fit Interviews are Killing Diversity

Terri Griffith

Lose Your Job or Gain a Partner: What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your organization?

Andrea Robb

In Hypergrowth: Speed is the enemy of learning - How to keep your enemy close

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