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What is Framework

FrameWork is a management system that starts with individuals and enables them to clarify their work, identify who benefits, and estimates the value of the work. Once established, the individual can easily set objectives, define improvements, desires, and plans that are quantifiable, allowing progress to be measured. Group objectives and outcomes are integrated with the individuals participating in the group. .


Who benefits? Both the individuals and the organization by increasing the value of the work performed.


Is there a manager? You can completely self-manage, or a formal or temporary manager can play the role. The good news – self-management reduces traditional management effort by 80%.


Who much time does it take? It take about 20 minutes each to assess, clarify, value, and plan. Updates take minutes.


How do I get the FrameWork? For individuals its free. (Ask us for the code). Organizations – its easy. Just contact CollabWorks , or fill out the form below.

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